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Donna Jô restaurant is one of the newest members of “Boa Lembrança Restaurant Association”, a selective group of restaurants that strive for excellence and quality of their services, created more than 20 years ago in Brazil.

The history

Built over a preserved mangrove area, the restaurant is located at Porto da Barra, a place next to fashion stores and cultural centers near the Manguinhos’s Fishermen Colony, a very traditional fish market of Buzios, in a 45,000 sq. feet of green area facing the sea. The scenery is breathtaking: in one side of the restaurant you can see the Manguinhos Beach and the traditional colorful trawlers; the other side, the mangrove and its native vegetation perfectly illuminated. Donna Jô restaurant had its project designed by the famous architect Bel Lobo - and has been recognized at Porto da Barra for a long time. Opened in 2008, the restaurant originally started as a branch of Quadrucci restaurant in Buzios and, in 2013, the restaurant was renamed, creating Donna Jô’s main restaurant. Customers can enjoy an amazing experience that meets in a cozy space, either at: the bar, the lounge, the glass room and the wood balcony on a sea front deck creating a singular view to Manguinhos Beach with deck chairs strategically placed to enjoy the sunset and full moon nights .

Know our restaurant

The Cuisine

At Donna Jô, flavor is a serious business. Chef Joana Gallo focus her recipes in where brazilian flavors meet a contemporary cuisine, accentuating a huge influence of the italian gastronomy. All artisanal pastas are made in-house. The great variety of wines, sparkling wines and drinks contribute for an unforgettable gastronomic experience when visiting Donna Jô restaurant.

The Chef

Chef Joana Gallo has a Bachelor in Nutrition and Gastronomy. She is a former teacher at Senac (well-known culinary school) in Rio de Janeiro, and worked as the chef in various restaurants and luxurious hotels in Rio and Buzios, as well. Guided by chef José Hugo Celidônio, Joana Gallo expresses her strong personality and high standards through the Donna Jô menu. Beyond being the chef of Donna Jô restaurant, Joana conducts cooking workshops, developed at the restaurant in a customized way. On this project, Joana spends her time exercising her cooking and versatility by teaching healthy and creative recipes.


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Monday to Friday
5pm to Midnight

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
13pm to 1am
Tel: + 55 22 2623-6303
Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 2.900 - Loja 14 - Porto da Barra - Búzios - RJ


All Donna Jô specialties can be served at your event. The charming and all the bold flavors, signed by chef Joana Gallo from Donna Jô catering service, can be at your convenience served in small portions. Anywhere in Buzios.


The colorful Donna Jô restaurant is the ideal place for celebrations, meetings, social events and mini-weddings for up to 100 people. The menu is personalized and signed by chef Joana Gallo.



Av. José Bento Ribeiro Dantas, 2.900 - Loja 14 - Porto da Barra - Búzios - RJ
  (22) 9.8826-4440   /   (22) 9.9866-3738
Tel: + 55 22 2623-6303